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RunTime ToolKit Built on FNC

RunTime ToolKit is the right combination for busy developers to focus on inspection and capturing information to remediate defects. RunTime ToolKit component Marshal allows you to inspect applications on platform and Caddie to review offline. Software development is all about the right mix of talent, tools, process and testing. How do you develop and deliver, with consistent results, a great looking application that works?

Feature-rich components are hard to get right (have you ever missed a setting?) RunTime ToolKit gives you access to component properties to diagnose defects. Apply property changes and see the effect realtime to eliminate guesswork. Marshal will capture the changes in a session for you to review offline.
Fine Tune
RunTime ToolKit addresses the challenges faced with user interface elements such as fine tuning color schemes, ensuring translated fields are displayed properly, and resizing controls.
Clients expect to see changes quickly. Modifying at runtime can get you valuable feedback when engaging with a client.
Marshal was designed around ease of implementation. With the drag of a button you place the Marshal control in your application and instrument your existing code. Marshal creates its own form without cluttering your application form.
Inspecting components at runtime allows you to diagnose configuration or data driven behavior. Inspect the items collection to ensure the data was loaded and determine if the item is hidden.
Capture the details and integrate the fixes into your source code immediately or at your own pace. Marshal records each change to component properties in a session which can be reviewed offline in Caddie.
Compare Before and After
Marshal automatically captures screen shots before and after property modifications. Visually compare the details of the form before and after a change.
Target Deployment
Deploy instrumented code during testing or to beta users. Marshal can be controlled using build configurations to target specific builds.
Vendor Agnostic
Designed to work with controls from any vendor, Marshal is fully functional in an application that uses no other FNC controls. Partnering with FNC leverages technologies to deliver better tools.

certified FNC partner Inspection at runtime means everything in Marshal has to work across Windows, Android, macOS and iOS. Marshal is built on TMS FNC UI Pack to deliver instrumentation with a consistent look and feel across VCL and FMX. Thanks to FNC technology Web and LCL are on the roadmap and you can expect the same great looking user interface.

FNC controls allow Marshal to focus on functionality, collection, organization and access to application components, across both VCL and FMX frameworks. The FNC controls provide continuity—a familiar look and feel.

The choice to partner with the TMS FNC UI Pack was clear.

Mashal is built on the TMS FNC UI Pack. To compile and run Marshal, the TMS FNC UI Pack (licensed or demo) is required, not included in the purchase of RunTime ToolKit. You may use Marshal with the demo components of the TMS FNC UI Pack, subject to the restrictions of the demo.

Marshal Release Cycle

Updates for Marshal are provided based on the current version of the FNC UI Pack.
Marshal will not work with a version of FNC UI Pack lower than