RunTime ToolKit

Inspect with Marshal, Review with Caddie


Your goal during inspection is to spot defects and pinpoint enhancements. Save yourself the recompile and verify the result realtime. Be more productive by using Marshal to:

Marshal Layout

RTMarshal Features Map

  1. Show / Hide session log
  2. Add session bookmarks
  3. Tree navigation of forms, datamodules and components
    Unnamed components created at runtime are displayed in red
  4. Tabs of inspected components
  5. Object Inspector by component type
  6. Inspector detail area
  7. Path of the component in form


As a Delphi developer you know visual design elements can be overlooked or forgotten. Let Caddie gather the sessions you collected in Marshal and index your bookmarks and notes to let you return to the important details of your application review and inspection. With Caddie's session screenshots you will not forget what that screen looked like prior to a modification. Caddie delivers the details.

Caddie Layout

RTCaddie Feature Map

  1. Session and bookmark tabs
  2. Bookmarks index
    Bookmarks allow you to jump to important points in a session and are highlighted in grey
  3. Session tabs - review individual sessions
  4. Session detail
  5. Application Tabs