RunTime ToolKit Marshal

Component inspection from within your application

Product Overview

Marshal is responsible for collecting the information from your application and logging to disk. It provides the functionality to modify component settings at runtime. It captures a before and after screenshot along with a path to the object that was modified and which setting was modified and what the new setting is.

Feature Details

RTMarshal Features Map
  1. View session log
    Session log is available at runtime and later in Caddie
  2. Add session bookmarks
    Bookmarks allow you to mark and add descriptions to your sessions
  3. Tree of forms / datamodules and components
    Components created at runtime without a name are displayed as the classname in red
  4. Tabs of inspected components
    Each component inspected gets its own tab
  5. Inspectors by component type
    All components get an object inspector
  6. Inspector detail area
    Inspection tools share this client area
  7. Path in form
    Path of the componet in the form

How it works

Marshal populates a repository with references to forms, datamodules and components. For components that are owned by the form, a tree is formed by checking the parent relationship.

The repository is transformed against a list of inspectors based on class types. When you select a component, the available inspectors are shown.

A session is created to store component modifications, screen shots and bookmarks.


Inspectors enable you to visualize a component. The standard object inspector allows you to see published properties of a component.


Sessions are a serializable list of steps taken during your session in Marshal. Sessions enable offline review in Caddie