VCL initial high DPI support
Object Plus include PPI for TForm
Screen Info include PPI
Bookmarks allow to capture screen shots


Object Inspector is now Object Inspector Plus with component level information
Display information can now be saved to the session
Added support to the Session to save streams
Added TSESSessionStepInfoTree to save generic tree display to session
Added Version numbers to the Demo Apps



Fixed Tab change to update status bar
Removed dependency on System.Messaging
Added help buttons for inspectors
Fixed Tab change to Application as default
Fixed Tool not shown on init exception
Data grid font is now Consolas
Added Inspector for Events
Added Export for component



Added compile defines to app info collection
Added time info to app info collection
Fixed restore from minimized after closed
Fixed Modification event now selects form for the component modified
Fixed screen name in offline screen shot event



OSX 64 Support
Nav tree moves with tab changes
AppInfo saved to session
Displays common paths from TPath
Displays OS version / build information
Allows detection of user defines



Nav tree now starts with the application as the root vs forms/datamodules
Appinfo is now displayed with defines and compiler version
Object Inspector now includes a reload button to refresh changes
Modification messages now include a friendly string for enum types
Repository now supports defines to include / exclude inspectors
Image view on right click now has copy to clipboard
Datagrids support save to CSV, XML, HTML
Before / After screen shots in session log consolidated in event



Added heartbeat to session file to detect hung sessions
Right click on bitmap will now copy to clipboard
Navigation tree is now alpha sorted
Filter box width increased to 220
Integrated before and after analysis to session viewer
Bitmaps are trimmed in size to remove the form header and border
Fixed GoTo focused exception when component is not loaded in nav tree



Initial release