Object Inspection @ Runtime

  • Navigate your application's components to debug
  • See the effect of changes in your live application
  • Debug settings and data issues
  • Author your own Inspectors



Marshal source code is delivered via Caddie. Follow the video here Install and build video

Download Marshal Updates

In Caddie click on the RTTK menu and select Updates.
If a new version is available, the download button will be active. Click on Download then Update.

IDE Install

The screen above should detect the version(s) of the IDE installed on your machine. Place a check by the platform that you want to build for and update the source path.

  • Design packages are only available for 32-bit and this is because Rad Studio is a 32-bit application. Placing a check beside either VCL or FMX will register design time components for all the supported platforms.

Source code location

Update will replace the local copy of source code, stored in %AppData%\RTTK\Source\src.
Under the Directories menu there is a menu item RTTK Source which will open this directory. 

Manual Build

To manually build the source code, locate your project group from the list below. Build in the following order, ensure you build the runtime before the design time:

  1.     FMXSERTTKDXE21.dproj
  2.     FMXSERTTKDXE21DT.dproj
  3.     VCLSERTTKDXE21.dproj
  4.     VCLSERTTKDXE21DT.dproj

Project Group files are provided by IDE version:

11.x RTTK_DX22.groupproj
10.4 RTTK_DX21.groupproj
10.3 RTTK_DX20.groupproj
10.2 RTTK_DX19.groupproj
10.1 RTTK_DX18.groupproj
10.0 RTTK_DX17.groupproj



Marshal Supported Platforms













11.X Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes WebCore V2.1
10.4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes WebCore V2.1
10.3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes --
10.2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes --
10.1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes --
10.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes --

TMS FNC UI Pack is a separate purchase.

Read more: Marshal Supported Platforms

Marshal Version History and Release Notes


Fix - Rediscover data modules exited early; new data modules were not show in the structure view.
Fix - Splitter mis aligned in VCL for view change detail.
Fix - Docked form could cause discovery failure
Compiled under 11.3 & package version updated.


New object model to track references outside of the TreeView. (Units have been removed and class names changed)
Add: Supports TMS Web Core for web apps - initial release
Breaking change: SERTTK.PluginTypes consolidation of types
Behavior change: Restored inspectors are not initialized till switched to (saves time on open)

Review Marshal API 2023 Updates for breaking changes

Read more: Marshal Version History and Release Notes