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Marshal API has some breaking changes starting with 2023.3.28. Units have been renamed, Marshal Options are now available via a global variable, and plugins require one less reference. Read on to see the changes.

The replacements can be seen demonstrated in this commit on GitHub.

Unit Name Mapping

These units were renamed as part of refactoring.
(replace ZZZ with your framework, FMX, VCL or WebLib)

MarshalAPI :  ZZZ.SE.RTTK.Marshal is now ZZZ.SERTTK.Marshal 

MarshalOptions: ZZZ.SERTTK.MarshalCV is now ZZZ.SERTTK.MarshalTypes

Design Components : ZZZ.SE.RTTK.DT.Marshal is now ZZZ.SERTTK.DT.Marshal

Marshal Options

This release allows access to a global options instance MarshalMV.MarshalOptions , located in ZZZ.SERTTK.MarshalTypes.  You no longer have to create an instance, just use the global instance to update the framework. 

Plugin Framework changes

ZZZ.SERTTK.Registry has been consolidated into ZZZ.SERTTK.PluginTypes.  Just remove the reference to the Registry class.

References to RepoComponent need to update to RepoItem.


ZZZ.SE.Logger changed to ZZZ.SEFNC.Logger

Marshal Supported Platforms













11.X Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes WebCore V2.1
10.4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes WebCore V2.1
10.3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes --
10.2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes --
10.1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes --
10.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes --

TMS FNC UI Pack is a separate purchase.

Read more: Marshal Supported Platforms

Marshal Version History and Release Notes


Fix - Rediscover data modules exited early; new data modules were not show in the structure view.
Fix - Splitter mis aligned in VCL for view change detail.
Fix - Docked form could cause discovery failure
Compiled under 11.3 & package version updated.


New object model to track references outside of the TreeView. (Units have been removed and class names changed)
Add: Supports TMS Web Core for web apps - initial release
Breaking change: SERTTK.PluginTypes consolidation of types
Behavior change: Restored inspectors are not initialized till switched to (saves time on open)

Review Marshal API 2023 Updates for breaking changes

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