Object Plus is the core inspector in Marshal allowing you to inspect the published properties of a component in your application. Objects plus utilizes Object Inspector , a component by TMS from the FNC UI Pack, to inspect properties of your components at runtime with some nice formatting.


Object Plus has 3 tabs to separate the features


This tab allows you to view the published properties of a component.
Component properties at runtime viewable


This tab allows you to view the events and mappings of a component.
Component Events assigned at runtime


This tab allows you to view component details and a class tree from the component.
FMX developers will appreciate the TagData information
Tag data and component ancestry tree descendants

Export Component

Object Plus supports exporting the components persistent information at runtime via the Export button.
Exports can be viewed in the session
 Session Event list export change

Export persistent info

 Export Component info runtime text dfm

Export plus info

 Export tag class descendant ancestors

Recording changes

Marshal automatically captures screenshots and logs the before and after values of the property changed.
Modifications are recorded by Marshal in a session file for review later in Caddie. This allows you to tweak your settings as many times as you need, the session will be available for you to review and decide which changes you make in your code.

Change Event

 Change Event before after screen shot

Online Before / After

detail of before and after changes to components

Offline Analyzed by Caddie

image analysis of before and after changes