Process Manager, a Delphi IDE Expert, remediates orphaned process with the option to terminate or close the process and close / capture the memory leak window contents.

Configuration Options

Deputy Process Manager has 2 options for process remediation, terminate (default)  and close. The close option sends a close message to the window and then waits for the process to exit or display memory leak detail and optionally captures the message leak detail. 

  • Terminate (Default)
  • Close
    • Close Leak Window (Default)
    • Copy Leak Window (Default)

Deputy Process Manager configuration options process terminate close

Activity Monitor (Terminate Action = Close)

While waiting for the application to close a window is displayed. To prevent flicker in the IDE, this windows is only shown after 200ms. If the application is stuck in a loop you can use the force terminate button to terminate the application.  To allow the application to display the normal memory leak report choose abort cleanup.

Deputy Process close activity monitor

Leak History

Review of your memory leak report is provided by the status (last remediation / memory leak) or history (all captured leaks) tabs.

Deputy process remediation history report with mem leaks