Instance Manager, released in Deputy 2.6, monitors for duplicate instances of the Delphi Rad Studio IDE and prompts to choose the appropriate action.  


Delphi allows multiple instances and multiple profiles of the IDE to be run at the same time. Instance Manager executes during Delphi IDE startup and determines if another instance with the same parameters is running. If multiple instances are found a form is displayed allowing you to:

  • Close the first instance (process is terminated by process ID, **no work is saved)
  • Close "This" instance - (Application.Terminate is called)
  • Ignore (continue with multiple instances)

The idea and requirements were gathered primarily from this thread: 


By default Instance Manager is disabled, enable it in the options and restart your IDE.

Quality Portal Defect

If you feel there needs to be a fully integrated solution in the IDE, please vote for this defect in Quality Portal: RSP-23412