Fix for bookmarks always appearing new


Support new Generic tree type in sessions.
Fixed defect in Yesterday sort - Sunday to Monday


Nav tree now automatically opens today node if sessions are present.
Bookmarks have icons for new sessions.
Changes to support Deputy Licensed Install / Update.
Release with Delphi 11.1.


Fix Rttk updates IDE sort order.
Fix unbuilt design package error status.
Fix enable disabled design package
Consolidated tree for bookmarks and sessions


Fix for session sort and grouping in display.


Fixes to install updates panel in app updates.
Updates now download with version specific names.
Hashes are now verified when using cached files.
Caddie now reads version resource file.
Logging increased during download and extract.


Python Embedable contains Visual C dependencies.
Caddie copies dependency Dlls before thread starts to executable path.


Build screen prevents selecting build while BDS is running
Settings panel now has left navigation for individual setting screens
Consolidated tab for updates to Caddie, Python embeddable and package code with download progress and check for C runtime
Configuration screen to include / exclude inspectors
Configuration screen to include / exclude build defines
Python embeddable runs in dedicated thread and installs updates on startup


Update / Build source code now defaults to source code on the search path
Splash screen for acknowledgements and startup progress
Python is integrated via P4D for image analysis
Lists now include icons for sessions
Data administration for removing an application no longer used
Help link changed to this wiki for faster updates


Integrated python for image analysis of before and after
Collection loop now checks session for valid manifest before processing
Updates screen now allows you to rebuild via a drop down in the status column, click on built and you get a rebuild option


Queue based builds - Builds can execute per IDE version and compile all platforms
Build screen now has a log to inform with status messages
Caddie checks to ensure Delphi is not running before a build
Added help tab to display topic related help
Caddie now downloads and installs updates


Initial release