Why Marshal?

Save time debugging issues using familiar navigation of your components and efficient inspectors to determine active property settings and confirm event mappings.

Powerful Standard Inspectors

Extensive Navigation 

Flexible Implementation

Standard inspectors are capable of displaying property settings and event mappings for all objects. Inspectors are assigned by class type to ensure efficient inspection for common objects such as a TDataset.

Marshal Inspectors

Component navigation is provided by a tree organized by application and forms and data-modules. A quick access menu item is provided for the form focused control.

Marshal Navigation

Components, button or app inspector, are provided for drag and drop RAD implementation. Customize the implementation using properties or take full control via the Marshal API.

Marshal Implementation Options

Review Changes Offline

Plugin Inspector SDK

Cross Platform

Capturing change details is critical to being able to reflect the changes in source code. Marshal provides a session to capture change events including before and after values and screenshots.  Bookmarks can be added for additional annotations.

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Extend Marshal by authoring your own inspector based on class type. 


Built on TMS FNC UI Pack, Marshal is available in FMX, VCL and TMS Webcore



Object Plus Delivers Property Debugging

Resolve defects by inspecting component properties and events of your live application, even in release mode. Object Plus is assigned to all TObject descendants.

Object Plus Properties view

Application components all receive a dedicated inspector page which allows you to switch between components during a debugging session.

  • Debug using the same skills you know from the IDE.
  • Overhead is minimal because the data is only loaded for the object that you are inspecting.
  • Reload functionality is provided to force reload the properties if the object is modified outside of the inspector. (Static view to minimize overhead)
  • Display is provided by the TMS FNC Object Inspector


 While debugging a component you may change property settings several times till you achieve the result you are satisfied with, essentially you are prototyping a change on your live application. 

  • Object Plus integrates with the session to automatically record changes.
  • Details of property changes are captured for review in the session.
    • Path to the component and name of property changed.
    • Before and After values.
  • Bookmarks allow you to add annotations to the session.
    • Bookmarks are available offline.
    • Record any additional details to ensure you never miss a change.
Change Details in session for review


Components of RunTime ToolKit

Learn Marshal Navigation

Learn about Marshal's Inspectors

  • Data Inspectors

    Inspectors for TDataset and TFDConnection

  • Object Inspection

    Objects Plus